Monday, March 22, 2010

Bobcats Extra: Jordan's Open Letter

After taking over the Charlotte Bobcats last Thursday, new Majority Owner Michael Jordan said that he wants to get it back to the way it should be, referring to the days when Charlotte's first NBA franchise, the Charlotte Hornets, sold out the Charlotte Coliseum for 344 consecutive games and led the league in attendance for 8 out of 9 seasons during their 14 year run in Charlotte.

Yesterday in the Charlotte Observer, Jordan wrote an Open Letter to the City of Charlotte talking about what he wants to do to bring the people of this city to support the Bobcats down the stretch on the road towards possibly their first ever Playoff appearance in their 6-year history. In it, Jordan said that he is here to "Build a legacy as a owner by turning this into a model franchise that's focused on winning and creating a great fan experience."

One of those two goals are being met as we speak, as the Bobcats are currently 35-34 and are in 7th place in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Jordan also went on to say that "I want to build a connection between this team and this community." in which the Bobcats are mostly active throughout North and South Carolina and he wanted the fans of the Charlotte Bobcats to join him on this journey by saying "Owning this team is my number one priority. I will do that by putting a winning team on the floor, making the experience at a Bobcats game memorable, and I want you to be a proud supporter of the Bobcats."

These reasons that Michael Jordan talked about in yesterday's open letter truly meant that he wants the people of Charlotte to get behind their Bobcats in the final 13 games of the season and be there at Time Warner Cable Arena, where Jordan wants to get it back to the days of when the Coliseum was the place to be during the Hornet years and if he commits to doing it, Jordan could cement his name as one of the NBA's best owners down the road.

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