Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duke vs. Carolina: The Rivalry of all Evil(Updated version)


University of North Carolina Tar Heels
Duke Blue Devils

NOTE: This is an updated version of the blog that I first posted back on February 11, 2009.

Sure, I do cover a lot of the Bobcats and NBA happenings here in my blog that I've been doing for the last 4 years, but I'd like to talk about one of the biggest rivalries in all of Sports.

Yeah, I know there is a lot of rivalries that I've seen in my years, including Yankees/Red Sox, Packers/Bears, Jets/Patriots, and Celtics/Lakers, not to mention the Knicks/Celtics and Patriots/Colts rivalries that have been developing over the last few years but there is one rivalry that captures all of us basketball junkies here in not only the great State of North Carolina, but the entire country and that rivalry is the always entertaining rivalry between the Blue Devils of Duke University and the Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina.

This rivarly garners a lot of attention from not only the media here in this state, but from the media all over the country, including the boys from Bristol, Connecticut at ESPN, as well as some of the local sports talk radio guys here locally in the Charlotte area, and when I talked to Bob Rathbun, one of the ACC Basketball broadcasters for Raycom and Fox Sports South back in the 2008-09 Bobcats season, he says that "For those of us that cover the conference, Duke/Carolina means something special." This rivalry always happens twice a year, and some of us call the Duke/Carolina rivalry "World War 3", but I call it "The Rivalry of all Evil", which has been that way for many, many years, since the two schools are separated 8 miles apart.

You see, a lot of bad blood has been taken place everytime these two teams met during their history, with Carolina leading the series all-time with a record of 130-99 overall, and of course, the fans always get involved with this long storied rivalry and many parents usually tell their kids to "Root for Carolina because Duke's bad", while it's the other way around for the Duke families to tell their kids to root for them instead of Carolina.

For example, you have the infamous "Cameron Crazies" that always taunts the Tarheels by saying "Go to (bleep) Carolina, Go to (bleep)!" whenever they come to historic Cameron Indoor Stadium and over in Chapel Hill, the Tarheel fans always wear their Carolina Blue shirts that says "Layeth the Carolina Smacketh Down" or "Duck Fuke" when Duke comes to the Dean Smith Center, and this rivalry has generated not only some huge moments, but has produced a lot of famous names in this "Rivalry of All Evil", from Michael Jordan(Bobcats Chairman and CEO), James Worthy, Vince Carter, Raymond Felton, Sean May, and Tyler Hansbrough for North Carolina, to Jay Bilas, Mike Gminski, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, JJ Redick and Kyrie Irving from Duke, and of course the coaches that are often in the center of it all from "Coach K" at Duke and for many years, Dean Smith and to now with Roy Williams.

Both teams have combined to win 10 national championships between the two schools, with Carolina winning 6 of them, while Duke won 4 titles, with the most recent one coming back in 2010. and believe me, this rivalry doesn't produce stars, they create stars, with a little bit of history in draft picks between the two schools over the last 3 decades.

So, in closing, I have decided to ask you this question: Whose side are you on: Duke or Carolina?