Friday, December 4, 2009

Cason's Commentary #4

Brittney Cason is continuing our season-long series about what's happening at Time Warner Cable Arena during Bobcats games for Bobcats Break, and we have her latest commentary about the experience from last Friday's Cleveland game, and like all of her previous commentaries, we have to do the following disclamer:

"The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of Brittney Cason, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Charlotte Bobcats, it's staff, management, or ownership."

Last Friday night the Time Warner Cable Arena was officially – by all social and sports measures – the place to be in Charlotte, for the Bobcats vs. LeBron James game. The Cleveland Cavs may have LeBron and Shaq… but we still beat them! Now that is cause for a celebration!

The Bobcats are holding down the court this season – giving us ample reason to party within the partying domain that is the arena.

The court in itself is a scene, and there are many seen on it… Michael Jordan, Michael Waltrip, and Mike Rucker… lots of cool Mikes!

I am not going to lie to you… I did not get up from my seat once, and not because I’m lazy – but because the party was on the court. The halftime act was some cultural enrichment:

… (pardon the short term memory lapse, but I don’t remember the name of this act)… Granted, her talent consists of riding an extended unicycle and balancing bowls on her head, but I really think the Bobcats should consider drafting her. She’s tall on the unicycle, clearly has good coordination and balance, and makes a good shot.

Meanwhile, the Bobcats are quite generous… they give out pizzas and T-shirts during games, which seems to make the crowd as excited as when the Bobcats were dunking all over LeBron.

And how bout those Lady Cats… choreographer Brandii McCoy is the Their routine was awesome. And let me just say… these ladies are hot! Top physical condition… and incredible dance ability.

Meanwhile, I was sitting with my friend Kelli Bartik – the FOXY lady of FOX Sports. She said that every game she attends, they win… so I am going to kidnap her and take her to every Bobcats game for the remainder of the season.

My section also happened to be the Bojangles Brickyard, which means I got to play defense. Meaning I waved my brick around while the Cavs were shooting. The game strategy appears to have been successful, which makes me feel like I contributed to this victory.

And on another note, when I eventually exited the arena after literally dancing in the arena lobby to the Rhythm Cats, I saw the guys from the reality show The Tool Academy passing out fliers for their party. Looks like even the tools have caught wind of the new place to be in Charlotte.