Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Farewell to BobcatZone

If Shakespeare said "The play's the thing", then certainly to a fan blogger, the game's the thing.

When I first launched BobcatZone back in September of 2008 giving you my thoughts and daily shenanigans about the Charlotte Bobcats from a fan's perspective through good times and bad times, and also delving into some topics around the NBA as well, and with the Bobcats era now officially closed after last night's elimination by the Miami Heat, it's time to bid this blog "Adieu."  It was a great ride for me to blog about my Bobcats for a short while here on this page, and i'm truly going to miss talking about the Bobcats here on this blog, and officially beginning a new chapter blogging about the Charlotte Hornets later this summer.

I did over 800 posts during this run, giving you my usual pre-game and post-game stories through "Bobcats Extra", and offering my thoughts on how I feel about what going on in the NBA in general, and that is something that I plan on continuing to blog about during the off-season when we make this transition to the Hornets, where together, we'll embrace new horizons, create new memories, and hopefully, together, enjoy a glorious new era in Charlotte basketball history as we begin our new journey as the Hornets In closing, I leave you all with this: stay well, stay safe, enjoy the off-season, enjoy this organization's new beginning as the Charlotte Hornets, and as the old saying in broadcasting, or blogging would go, "Check Your Local Listings!"

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