Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thomas has been impressive off Bobcats bench this season

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bobcats Fans! I'm back once again to give you my take on what's happening around the "Bobcat Nation". If you have been watching our Charlotte Bobcats play this season like I've been, you might have seen some strong play off our bench by a guy we fans would like to call "T-Time", Tyrus Thomas, who in my opinion is our star player off Larry Brown's bench this season.

When this organization acquired him from Chicago last season for Flip Murray and Acie Law IV, he was just the spark we needed last season in making it to our first playoff appearance in our history, and to me, Thomas has been the spark we needed when he comes off the bench for any game, and for those of us who constantly follow this team day in and day out, he and the rest of our reserves truly mean a difference in winning a game or losing one.

Of course you know, I always check out the stats daily to see who's hot and who's not in the NBA, and if you take a closer look at what Thomas has been doing in the Top 5 statwise for the Bobcats this season, he has been the one to watch night in and night out for a young Bobcat team that is currently sitting at 4-7 so far this season, and as the saying would go: "The numbers don't lie" and they surely don't lie for Thomas so far in our first 11 games of the year for our Charlotte Bobcats, if you know what I mean.

He is currently 5th in points per game for the Bobcats with an average of 12.1 ppg, and he's the second-leading rebounder for us, averaging 6.10 rebounds per game, behind our leading rebounder, Gerald Wallace, who leads the team with 8.30 rebounds per game. He had his best game in a Bobcat uniform back in our season opening loss in Dallas to the Mavericks, in which he scored 22 points to lead Charlotte.

And on top of all that, Michael Jordan, wanted to make sure Thomas wanted to stay in Charlotte after what happened this past off-season when Raymond Felton was let go, and Jordan did deliver on his promise by signing him to a 5-year deal to keep him in a Bobcat uniform, and as fans, Thomas is a guy we would like to see more often, whenever he's starting a game or in his usual role off the bench, and to me, whenever he takes the floor, you know that it's always "T-Time" in Charlotte.

Until next time, this is LaMichael Mitchell, You stay classy, Bobcats Nation!

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