Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cason's Commentary: Let the fun begin

As you recall last year, we invited Brittney Cason, one of Charlotte's most talked about writers to become a part of the BobcatZone team. This season, she's writing for our partners over at Bobcats Break and she'll also do some contributions to this blog as well. In this first installment of "Cason's Commentary", she talked about the experience of being at a Bobcats game, and as always, "The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of Brittney Cason, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Charlotte Bobcats, its staff, management, or ownership."

I love basketball season… not necessarily because I am an avid basketball fan, but because I just really like going to the arena. It’s a show, a sporting event and party all under one roof; an arena of entertainment. And lucky for me (and Charlotte), last Friday was the season home opener against the Knicks.I got to the arena just in time to hear Anthony Hamilton sing the national anthem – and to show my hat head off to the people seated in my section. Once I sat down I didn’t want to get back up. There are so many attractions during the games with the action on the court, on Bobcats TV and in the stands. Before I knew it, it was halftime and BREAKSK8 from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew were breaking, and breaking it down on the court … on roller-skates.

Meanwhile, Michael Jordan was sitting on the player’s bench and there were some points where I thought he was going to jump up and start playing!

For the second half I went on my own arena exploration. I hit the Back Court, Rock the Rooftop, the and Front Court (all social hang outs with bars and great atmosphere). Because it’s not just about the game, it’s also about the gathering… with a side of arena food and giant beers. Each area has a different vibe – Rock the Rooftop is more like a tavern, while Front Court on the Founder’s level is more like an upscale lounge & restaurant with a full bar, dinner buffet, and DJ (who’s there on all Friday and Saturday night games).

Now, back to game . There’s so much free stuff to win… like t-shirts. Lots and lots of t-shirts. They gave out t-shirts to fans upon entering the arena, meanwhile the Lady Cats threw shirts out during time outs, with Bruce Springsteen tickets in them. And don’t think the people in the upper level get left out; Rufus and the Cats Crew fire up t-shirts with sling shots and t-shirt cannons. The Lady Cats were also giving away three-pound pretzels known as the Victory Knot. My friends were jumping up and down along with all the little kids in the arena trying to win one because they bet me I couldn’t eat one by myself. I agreed to their bet in attempt to hang tough, but luckily they didn’t actually win the monstrosity of a pretzel so I didn’t have to undergo an attack of carbohydrates.

When the game did eventually end, I stalled exiting the arena. Not just to watch the Rhythm Cats playing by the exit, but for the post game party at the Front Court Bar. Games are typically over at 9 – 9:30 p.m., which is a weird time in nightlife where its too early to go out to a bar, but too late to go home and come back out. So the Bobcats alleviate that problem and occupy you in the interim as Front Court is after the game.

All in all, the Bobcats won their season opener (in exciting fashion…double overtime!), but even if they had lost, you could still walk away from the arena feeling like you won … because regardless you’ll have a fun night if you attend the games. Larry Brown orchestrates a good game and the Bobcats orchestrate a good time over all.

I’ll see you at the next party…er, I mean, game.


We will post some of Brittney's commentaries here regularly on this blog as the season progresses as a part of our commitment to give you her opinions of the experience at a Bobcats game.

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